Leaders In Development Program

The LID Program is a leadership development opportunity for students entering Gr. 9, 10 & 11.

LID's have the opportunity to help lead programs and small groups during our camp weeks while being invested into by older leaders.  

The Program Includes 2 Parts:

Part 1

  1. Program Orientation & Training (June 27, 28 & July 1)

  2. SOAR Trip to Montreal (July 2-11)

  3. Camp Prep & Party! (July 12)

Part 2

  1. Camp Week 1 (July 15-19)

  2. Camp Week 2 (July 22-26)

  3. Camp Week 3 (Aug. 5-9)

  4. Camp Week 4 (Aug. 12-16)

ALL APPLIcants are expected to participate in all of Part 1

& at least 2 weeks of Part 2

The cost of the SOAR trip is $600. Fundraising will be done to help lower this amount.

All LID's will receive $100 off  Camp Crossroads registrations fees if they choose to attend a week there.    

We are no longer accepting applications for this year’s LID program.

If you’re still interested in getting involved in Camp this summer, check out our Volunteer Page.

Please Contact Josh if you have any questions regarding the program.